Our philosophy

In the Grupo Ripard, our works are born from the search for the highest levels of quality and professionalism.

With more than 28 years dedicated to the construction activity in the city of Panama, Grupo Ripard has an extensive portfolio of projects of great magnitude, which have made us one of the most solid and respected construction companies in the country.

In Grupo Ripard, we have a team of highly specialized professionals, who are there to assist and advise on any type of project, keeping in mind our fundamental pillar, “continued focus on excellence”.

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Ing. Ricardo A. Paredes M.


Our projects


Spaces that represent your company, designed to increase productivity and innovation


We join quality finishes with fresh spaces to increase their clientele



A place whose attention to detail creates bonds of affection and provides a space for growth


The structure of a bank must represent its solidity, modernity and quality in customer service


A space that combines in perfect harmony: good taste and a functional construction



Solid structures that inspire learning and the flow of ideas


Ongoing project


Everything counts in a first impression, that is why in Ripard we have extensive experience in the exteriors construction which allows us to successfully complete any project that involves the renovation, remodeling or construction of the exterior façade of your commercial or residential space. We have the necessary material resources and a team of engineers and architects with the expertise to create and make your design come true.


It has the Ripard team of experts to perform a renovation, remodeling, expansion or construction from blueprint of an interior space for your residence or business. Our proven experience allows us to meet the parameters of your project while taking care of the budget, the time of completion and the quality of the final result.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In order to be a socially responsible company with our community, we are directly involved with the Big Family of Grupo Ripard to create the commitment to corporate social responsibility, through various social support programs aimed at:

-Our Clients

-Our Collaborators

-Our Investors

-The Panamanian Community

Where to find us

  • Calle 72 Este, Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá.
  • (507) 6678-9816
  • (507) 306-3001
  • info@ripardholding.com

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